Reality behind the glamour

At first glance, Dominique Lamon appears to be the quintessential embodiment of youth, grace and the ethereal.

Long, lithe and gazelle like, the 19 year old earns her living as an international  jet setting fashion model.

Having had her humble beginnings as a child model in Capetown, South Africa, the brunette beauty has blossomed into a full time working model, having travelled to Paris, Milan, London and Hong Kong.

Refreshingly honest and down to earth, she takes the time to discuss the realities of the modeling industry.

“Many girls take modeling too seriously…I actually just do modeling to travel and see the world, to make some money while I can” says the 19 year old.

In an industry which purely sells an image, Dominique remains realistic.

“You don’t just want to be an image at the end of the day. You only use your image for work so that you can make money. After shooting, you still want to be a whole person. You want people to appreciate you for who you really are.”

Models have to constantly deal with criticism and rejection, which isn’t easy.

Despite appearing to look virtually flawlessly inhuman, they are constantly being picked on by their agencies, being told they are not thin enough.

In Asia in particular, where having fair skin is deemed as the ideal standard of beauty, models are also told specifically not to go under the sun in their contracts.

With so much pressure being placed on their appearance, it is easy for young girls in the industry to sucumb to the pressures and develop eating disorders, or an unrealistic sense of self identity.

So how does Dominique remain centred and grounded?

“You maintain a strong sense of identity and self-esteem by surrounding yourself with people who actually care about you. This industry can be superficial. People always want to bring you down.”


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