Comparison of 2 journalists on Twitter

Kristie Lu Stout (anchor at CNN) and Divia Harilela (Senior Fashion Correspondent for the South China Morning Post)

I’ve decided to do an analysis of these two journalists and they are both women that inspire me and are some of my role models. Kristie Lu Stout is a wife, mother and a full time anchor at CNN International, whilst Divia Harilela is a fashion journalist and an online fashion blogger, one whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with 3 years ago. Both are very different types of journalists, as Kristie focuses on current affairs, whilst Divia focuses on news from the international and Hong Kong fashion scene as well as the latest fashion events and product launches and sales around town.

Kristie mainly uses Twitter to jot down the latest breaking stories, as well as her own thoughts and feelings about these topics/issues. She also focuses on tweeting the main points covered by her show ‘Newstream’ aired at 9 pm nightly. This is indicated with a hash tag of #NSCNN. This is a very convenient way for those who do not have the time to watch Kristie’s show, but would like a summary of the topics which she covered. That way people can simply type in the key words Kristie included in her tweets and look up the day’s top stories on their notebooks/iPads/tablets/iPhones.

The latest topics covered by the Kristie on the show include the eviction of protestors from ‘Occupy Wall Street’, the flood in Thailand, the rising death toll in Syria from the protest which has lasted for the past 8 months in Homs, Tehran upping the pressure on Damascus, Amazon’s latest Kindle fire and Rio de Janeiro’s favela raid.

Kristie also uses Twitter as a platform to communicate with other journalists, creating a dialogue on a specific story. For example, Kristie messaged Gizmodo’s editor in chief Joe Brown about looking forward to their chat about the new Kindle Fire tablet, embedding a link with the latest information regarding the launch of the newest rival to Apple’s iPad. She also uses Twitter as a means to pass along information shared by her fellow journalists in other fields, such as retweeting Nick Ramsey’s tweet regarding the clearing out of Zugotti Park from MSNBC, including a link to the Twitpic. Regarding the topic of the eviction of the protestors from Occupy Wall Street, Kristie also provided a link to the news wire from within one of her tweets. Kristie has also retweeted Gillian Wong, a Beijing based reporter for the Associated Press regarding Ai Wei Wei’s pending tax case.

Following Kristie on Twitter thus provides a detailed, comprehensive and informative summary of the top stories by the hour. She is an avid twitter user and thus provides her followers with an extensive coverage of all the headline news from various sources. Kristie usually uses fellow journalists as her sources of information, all which work for large media corporations and are established, well respected members in the industry.  I find following Kristie tremendously helpful in getting my latest stories, as sometimes I find it tedious to read long articles on the web.

I follow Divia Harilela to feed my love for everything fashion related. As she is based here in Hong Kong, her tweets are highly relevant to me as I am able to attend events, store openings and head down to stores where there is a sale going on. I can also keep up to date with the latest fashion trends so I know how to update or spice up my wardrobe.

Divia posts tweets on the latest collections from various international design houses and individual designers, latest collaborations, seasonal trends, the latest news on Hong Kong’s fashion retailers etc…she embeds links to interviews she has conducted with designers, such as Lady Gaga’s stylist Mugler, links to pictures of product shots of clothes, accessories and runway shots from her blog ‘The D’vine’. Divia uses Twitter as a platform to communicate with these various fashion houses, including Burberry, Valentino, Loewe, Harvey Nichols, Joyce, Lane Crawford to name a few.

I enjoy how relevant Divia’s tweets are to Hong Kong, as they focus on the fashion industry here in town. For example, just 2 weeks ago, she tweeted about how the British Fashion Council brought some of Britain’s up and coming designers to Hong Kong to showcase their latest designs.A couple of weeks ago, Divia posted a link to an article which talked about how Karl Lagerfeld was planning on launching an affordable women’s wear line for Macy’s labeled ‘Karl’, as well as his collaboration with Net-a-Porter.

Like Kristie, Divia embeds links to provide her followers with more information, such as links to live fashion shows from London and New York Fashion Week. Divia also uses Twitter as a means to communicate with her fellow journalists and media companies in the same field as her i.e. fashion journalism. These include the editor of Harper’s Bazaar in India, Sujata Assomull, Jing Daily, a daily news blog covering China’s arts, lifestyle, culture and business, The Financial Times’ luxury lifestyle magazine ‘How to Spend It’.  Unlike Kristie, however, Divia does not tweet daily (or hourly in Kristie’s case!) and is therefore not a fast paced, constant source of fashion news.

Purely looking at the number of tweets by Kristie vs. Divia, it is clear that Kristie uses Twitter far more frequently than Divia, with 5,649 vs. 224 respectively. Kristie’s twitter account is therefore a far richer source of information than Divia’s. Although the two women work in very contrasting fields, i would say i would use Kristie’s account more as a consistent source of international headline news, whereas i would follow various other fashion designers, fashion houses and fashion journalists for a more comprehensive source of news from the fashion industry.


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