The Big Apple

This summer, my dad gave me one of the best presents EVER- a trip to what i think is one of the world’s best cities- New York City ❤

Raised in the uber glam and glitzy Hong Kong, i was sure i’d fall in love with the larger, grander city of North America.

Travelling from Vancouver, i transited at Chicago’s chic O’Hare airport. Slick and modern, there’s something about this airport which i absolutely love-from the smell of sugary pastries to the coffee aromas wafting through the air, from the long hallway full of cute little stores selling the cutest laptop cases and knick knacks to Hudson Press, where i stock up on my dose of fashion magazines to pass the time on my flights. Oh and of course, coming from the super crowded and overly populated city of Hong Kong, i practically fall in love with any place in the world with large open spaces.

After an uncomfortable short ride on United Airlines (being used to the large, roomy international planes in Asia i find American airlines less ornate, their services less professional, the flight attendants less glamorous and friendly) I finally landed at  La Guardia airport (one of the smaller airports out of the 3 in NYC which includes the JFK and Newark)

A friend had arranged for me to be personally picked up right at the airport, after which i was transported straight to Brooklyn.

After lunch with some mutual  acquaintances of myself and my friends from VanCity, I couldn’t wait to take the infamous New York subway into Manhattan to explore the city.

The subway system in NYC wasn’t as dirty as i was expecting it to be.  However, it was certainly a huge contrast to  Hong Kong’s slick MTR and KCR line.Yes, it was slightly grimier and less pristine, but i loved the rawness of it all.

Emerging from the subway and into the hustle and bustle of down town Manhattan, i was hooked. The energy was electric. Amongst a sea of swarming crowds and skyscrapers, i was home.

First stop-Victoria’s Secret.

For those who grew up in the States, or studied there, it might not seem like such a big deal to shop in the country’s top lingerie brand. But for a girl born, brought up, and currently residing in Asia, seeing the large billboards pasted outside the beautiful architecture, then sauntering into a treasure trove of candy coloured gems, well, it was heaven.

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