Soho, Spring Street & 5th Avenue, NYC

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So what does a city girl HAVE to absolutely do in New York City? Why go shopping of course ūüėČ

First destination? Soho-where haute couture meets art, this was one of my favourite places in NYC, with towering models and model-esque glamazons strolling the streets in the trendiest outfits, fresh off a runway. This is also where the hyped up ‘D.A.S.H.’ store by the Kardashian sisters was located, where customers had to line up and wait their turn to enter into the store.¬†Rummaging¬†through the various racks of clothes, i did find quite a few eye-catching pieces.A predominant theme amongst many of the stocked designers was leopard print, which i absolutely loved as all my friends are well aware of my obsession with everything leopard print. ¬†However, all the items were slightly over my budget, so i was content to simply snap a few shots of the interiors and saunter back out.

Next? Spring Street, home to major American department stores such as¬†Blooming dales¬†and Macy’s, ¬†large high street fashion brands such as Forever 21 and Topshop, as well as quirky, individual boutiques stock full of cheap deals and bargain items.

The next day, as a true loyal fashionista, i headed to 5th avenue’s Abercrombie and Fitch, to take polaroids with their infamous store models, as well as to hunt for THE perfect pair of A&F jeans. Considering the fact that i didn’t grow up with A&F, this was a pretty exciting deal for me.

The male models were¬†definitely¬†drop dead gorgeous. The females however, weren’t as impressive as i expected them to be.

Abercrombie has never been one famous for their sense of style and design. However, i couldn’t leave the world’s largest A&F store empty handed. I found the perfect jeggings with the help of a friendly sales girl/model…and voila! I exited the ¬†store armed with my new purchase inside a ripped torso printed on a cardboard paper bag.


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