Yves Saint Laurent makeover

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On Dec 9th, 2011, i decided to take a break from all the stress of school work (i had a 15 page term paper on social media due the next evening!) to meet an old high school friend and get dolled up in YSL’s latest Autumn/Winter makeup collection by renowned international makeup artist Angus Lee (Check out his facebook page http://facebook.com/angusleemu and his blog http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/angusleemu)

He did an absolutely amazing job on the both of us, giving us both smoky eyes and nude lips. Due to our different skin tones and bone structure, the application technique and shade of colours Angus used was different.

I arrived with some Korean BB Cream and powder on my face (i find it impossible to leave the house without the slightest bit of make up on unfortunetly) with just the tiniest amount of eyebrow pencil and rouge.

On my face, Angus first applied a base colour on top my my whole lid in a shimmery nude. Then, he added a thick waxy eyeliner onto my lids, blending it out gently. Using 2 shades of grey, he started adding depth to my eyes by darkening the crease along my eyes. Asking me which colour i’d like to combine the shadows with, i picked a shimmery silver lilac shade to compliment the greys. He finished it off with some shimmery white in the corners of my eyes and the brow bone, then polished it with 3 coats of mascara. And just like that, my eyes instantly became 3 times larger. To finish the look, he used one of YSL’s vintage opaque peach lipsticks on my lips, finishing with a coats of shimmery peach gloss.

The look would have been perfect for a girls night out, too bad i had to rush back home to my laptop to finish off my 15 page paper!


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