Fashion pages for Hong Kong Tatler

Part of my job as an intern at Hong Kong Tatler was to compile a selection of accessories from the magazine’s sponsors for the High Browse pages. Part of the job was also to come up with short, catchy lines introducing the product. Here are a few samples of my work for the August and September 2010 issues.

September was the fashion issue of the magazine, and i assisted the magazine’s fashion editor with selecting the appropriate accessories which captured the F/W 2010 trends well, as well as showcasing items from a large range of designers. Once again, i had to help come up with a punchy, witty heading and tagline for each product, which was not as easy as i thought it would be. Being a writer who loves using a million adjectives to describe something in the minutest detail, it was pretty difficult to sum up a gorgeous pair of heels in one line.

Here is a small blurb i wrote for the Style page opener for HK Tatler’s Aug 2010 issue on Roger Vivier’s luscious stilleto.


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