Butterboom’s Fashion Quiz Mixer @ Kee Club, Social Media Week

Feb 13th-17th saw the hosting of the international Social Media Week here in Hong Kong for its 2rd year. This year (Feb 2012) saw the event being hosted in 12 major cities in the world, including Hamburg, London, Miami, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Tokyo, Toronto, Washington DC, and of course, good old Hong Kong. Other countries which held the event last year on Sept 2011 included Beirut, Berlin, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Glasgow, Los Angeles, Milan, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro and Vancouver.

The purpose & mission of Social Media Week? “To reflect and discuss the global impact of social media, its role as a catalyst in driving cultural, economic, political and social change in developed and emerging markets. It aims to create a dialogue and to host activities to draw the public’s awareness on emerging trends in social and mobile media.”

Having taken a class in ‘Digital Media and Society’ provided by the Journalism and Media Studies Centre at HKU, and written a paper on the effect of social media on television news for my ‘Introduction to Television News’ class by Jim Laurie last semester, i have been an avid social media fan ever since.

So to hear that Hong Kong’s Private Members Lounge ‘Kee Club’ was hosting an event combining my 2 obsessions-fashion and social media by Hong Kong’s popular fashion and beauty blog ‘Butterboom’ was uber exciting and a must-go-to event that went immediately into my planner.

The event-a fashion quiz was organized by Butterboom.com’s co-founder Pannee Ng. Assembling 3 of the most prominent fashion bloggers from Hong Kong, including SCMP’s senior fashion correspondent Divia Harilela, as well as 3 representatives from Shanghai Tang, Diesel and Jack Wills. The 2 teams were set up against each other on a fashion show down to see who could get the most number of correct answers.

The audience’s role was to help the teams by tweeting their answers onto Butterboom’s large Twitter wall in the centre of the room, and it would be upto the team members to decide the correct answer.

It was a fun filled night full of buzz and excitement as the town’s fashionistas and social media geeks hash tagged their way into helping the fashion bloggers win the quiz for the night.

Am looking forward to what next year’s Social Media Week in Hong Kong will bring.


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