Cle de Peau skincare launch

2 weekends ago, i attended the launch of the latest whitening lotion and UV protection cream by renowned Japanese skincare brand Cle de Peau Beaute at Cepage, Wanchai (CÉPAGE recently placed 96th in the prestigious S. Pellegrino’s 100 World’s Best Restaurants Awards 2010 shortly after collecting a Michelin star in the 2010 Michelin Guide to Hong Kong and Macau)

Cle de Peau’s latest campaign features the flawless Amanda Seyfried, former child model and current actress/songwriter/singer, one of my personal favourite blonde actresses. Now, i have never truly been into the whole ‘white is beautiful’ mentality here in Asia. But i was curious to understand their technology, and the kind of women such products market towards. (To be completely honest though, i prefer myself looking fairer as my features tend to stand out more)

Free hand massages were given whilst women sipped little cups of rose tea.

A spokes lady from the company’s branch in Japan travelled all the way to Hong Kong to attend the event and offer a comprehensive explanation, complete with a power point presentation of the latest whitening technology from Japan. The entire speech was given in Japanese, with a Cantonese translation, which wasn’t very helpful to me at all.

Best thing about the event? The pretty little h’orderves served in the tiniest portions. Oh, and also the little goody bag with Cle de Peau’s complete mini skincare set given to all the guests towards the ending. Who doesn’t love freebies? 😉

If there’s one thing i’ve learnt from the evening, it would be that the ultimate holy grail of beauty in Asia is fair skin, and that Asian women are willing to spend bucket loads on whitening products. It has literally become one of the regions’ multi-million dollar industry.

Check out Cle de Peau’s latest products at


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