Harlans, The One, Tsim Sha Tsui

After landing back in my home town of Hong Kong from my Canadian/North American summer (Vancouver and New York City <3) I caught up with one of my favourite women in the world. My aunt, my  spiritual sister, my best friend, my role model, my mentor-a woman who has seen me in my darkest hours and has been there for me and loved me unconditionally through the messy reality called life. We opted for Harlans-a swanky restaurant on top of one of Hong Kong’s newer shopping malls in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui, a bustling tourist & shopping district in Hong Kong. Harlans offered a stunning view of Hong Kong’s infamous skyline. We booked our reservation for a lunch buffet, so we didn’t get to experience the full beauty of Hong Kong’s gorgeous night lights. Nonetheless, the interiors were beautiful, with plenty of natural light streaming through the large glass doors, which extended to the outdoor patio, which serves as a great location for drinks at night whist enjoying Hong Kong’s colourful skyline. The food was absolutely amazing. Lunch buffet consisted of a humongous selection of canapés, Italian anti-pastis, French h’orderves and a salad bar with every raw vegetable imaginable. For a health nut such as myself, it was pure heaven.

Here is a fantastic review done by HK Magazine, with a map and directions included.




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