Leona Lewis @ The Landmark

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In honour of the new advertorial and re branding campaign for ‘The Landmark’,a luxury shopping retail shopping plaza in Central, Leona Lewis was flown in from the UK to give a special, private performance to Hong Kong’s elite and artiste. She gave a flawless performance singing her classic rendition of ‘Bleeding Love’, ‘Better in Time’ and ‘Collide’. Audiences went wild with adoration as she belted out her famous ballads.

I had the honour of attending the event with my aunt and even got lucky worming my way closer to the stage so that i was just a few feet away from Leona. She was sweet, gracious and charming, utterly likable. My only surprise was her outfit for the night. Wearing black pantsuit bottoms and a black bustier, covered with a hot pink blazer, it didn’t really scream ‘superstar’ in my opinion. I was expecting something slightly more glamorous and put together. Perhaps she had just stepped off the plane and barely had the time to fix herself up properly. Nonetheless, she gave a brilliant vocal performance true to her reputation.

The choreography of the show was very well done, and the male dancers received quite the applause with their agile dance moves.

Find pictures of The Landmark’s stylish new campaign all over town, or click here: http://www.landmark.hk/english/whatson/news/details/LANDMARK_News_Details.aspx?i=3


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